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From: alex brown
Subject: Fact and Fantasy (14 year old boys) Part 1Fact and Fantasy (14 year old boys) - Part 1/3BY THE WAY! Please do not read this or comment on it if you have any
difficulties with the concept of a consensual sexual relationship occurring
between a man and a teenage boy. Thank you. Please do contact me if you
ever had similar experiences to those described in the stories - either
with a 14 nude loli girls lists year old or as a 14 year old.Setting the SceneA few years ago the main professional body for Psychiatry in America
published a document on sex between men and boys. In it they said that when
a stable friendship between a man and a boy exists, a sexual relationship
that might then develop naturally would not necessarily amount to abuse. I
agree with that with the caveat that the boy must be a teenager and not
younger. Furthermore I believe there are some preteen lolita fre galleries
boys - probably about 14 -
who can easily be seduced into performing homosexual acts with men, and
then subsequently enjoying them on a regular and frequent basis.I guess that most men who find themselves attracted to boys go for their
cuteness and liveliness, so we are probably talking about pre-teens and up
to 13. But I side with Germaine Greer who, in her book 'The Boy',
succinctly defines the perfect boy as 'being capable of a sexual response
but not yet shaving'! We are therefore talking about boys in the 13 to 15
age range. There lolita pre teen video
is a brief stage in some boys' development when they are
past the 'cute' stage but have not yet reached the tall, lanky, spotty
faced youth stage. They are still very much schoolboys but with one
difference. Their penis and testicles will be mature and they will be
capable of masturbation with ejaculation. The type of boy I think most
susceptible to homosexual advances from a man might be very average at
school and at sports, may not be fantastically good looking but will be
slim, may be slightly introvert and has possible just fallen behind a
little compared to his peers. He will almost certainly have a dull home
life. This doesn't mean to say he is not reasonably intelligent - indeed
the phrase 'still waters run deep' comes to mind. I am inclined to think
that this sort of liaison would be entirely platonic. I also think that a
sexual relationship of this sort could be enjoyed at least up to the time
the boy started to become interested in girls, and thereafter could run
quite easily in parallel with a girlfriend.
There have been two such boys in my life, Andrew and Kieran, (names have
been changed for obvious reasons) - both 14 when the opportunities for
seduction occurred, and both matching the personality sketch I have
given. lolita teen bbs tgp
Had a sexual relationship developed with either of them I do not
believe I would have been abusing them. Sexual relationships might very
well have developed with both of these boys had I chosen to follow the
paths to seduction, so in relating their stories there will be a mixture of
fact (description of the boys and the events leading up to possible
seduction) and fantasy (how I have since imagined and wanted the sex to
be).I live in the southern home counties (of England) and it is now almost 2
years since Kieran visited me last, and getting on for 10 years since I
last saw Andrew. What has rekindled all this in my memory is a film I have
been watching recently called 'Joe the King'. Joe is a 14 year old from a
less than ideal home background who eventually ends up in a spot of trouble
with the law. The actor (Noah Fleiss) portrays lolita 5 15 bbs a boy who is both physically
and mentally almost an exact double for Andrew. Joe's only school friend is
slightly taller and wears glassed with strong lenses - I forget his name
but he is just so like Kieran was at 14. There is no sexual content in the
film, but I guess that both boys would be heavily into masturbation - if
not together certainly in their beds at night. There is one night scene
where Joe, dressed only in his underwear, asks his slightly older brother
to cuddle up in bed with him. All the time we can see Joe's tumescent penis
pressing against the front of his white Fruit of the Loom briefs, and this
has made me think so much about Andrew and what might have been. If you
like 14 year old boys as I have described them, then you will enjoy
watching 'Joe the King'.I suppose I am hoping to hear from some of you out there who agree with my
analysis of the 14 year old boy, and might have had some experiences that
confirm my thoughts. During the past few months since watching 'Joe the
King' I have been experiencing more and more masturbatory fantasies
regarding my two young friends, and I now feel I would be interested to
know if anybody else shares my thoughts. Finally before we begin - when you
get to those parts of the story that relate to seduction and sex, then you
are firmly in my fantasy world!Andrew Part 1As a result of a plea for help from the local council I volunteered to act
as caretaker, cleaner, chief cook and bottle washer at the community hall
on Thursday evenings. On these nights youngsters up to the age of 15 were
free to come along and chill out for a couple of hours and use the various
facilities on offer. There were table tennis and pool tables, and light
snacks and soft drinks were usually available too. It was here that I met
Andrew and his older brother Ben, but I have to admit I only had eyes for
Ben in those days.Ben was nearly 14 (Andrew about 12 and a bit) with a fresh complexion,
freckles and big blue eyes. He had lips to die for, and I was instantly
attracted to him. By contrast Andrew was a rather plain, ordinary looking
and introverted boy - you would never have thought they were related, let
alone brothers. Because Andrew always hung around him, the moments of
privacy I should have so dearly loved with Ben never materialised. I
visited their home on a few occasions and I found their father to be the
quietest man I had ever met. Mother, on the other hand, had a strong
personality and was quite definitely in charge. I sensed something about
her I didn't much like.A month or so after Ben's 14th birthday I noticed he boy girl lollipop spice was no longer coming
along on Thursday evenings, and I asked Andrew where he was. I was
astounded to learn that Social services had collected Ben from the house a
few weeks earlier and had placed him in a boys' home some 90 miles
away. Apparently Andrew's parents had only been fostering Ben, so he was
not Andrew's brother after all. When I quizzed Andrew's mother about all
this, all she said was that Ben was becoming a bad influence on Andrew and
had to go. Bad influence? I had seen no sign of this at all, and both
Andrew and I were considerably upset about what seemed to be a cruel act
perpetrated by his mother. After Ben had gone I found Andrew was hanging
round me most of the time, as I don't remember him having any particular
friendships with other boys.A year or so went by before I started to think of Andrew in a different
light. He was almost 14 by this time, and I can remember two events that
caused me to become sexually aware of him. The first occasion was when we
all went to the swimming baths at a time when the hall was being
re-decorated. Once in the water Andrew was never far from my side and
eventually I started to play with him. I would lift him up, out of the
water and let him drop back on his own accord. Every time I lifted teens abused lolita schoolgirl him up
and every time he dropped down our swimming shorts rubbed together. I must
have done this 20 to 30 times, and I soon realised my cock was
stiffening. I got quite a hard on by the end, but I just hoped Andrew
hadn't felt anything. The second occasion was one evening at the hall I
noticed Andrew standing in front of the notice board looking for any new
notices. He was wearing some neat, close fitting trousers and I could
clearly see the outline of his brief underpants showing through. Once again
my penis began to stiffen, and I wondered whether Andrew was a boy who
might enjoy a sexual relationship with a man. Although he wasn't nearly as
pretty as Ben had been he most certainly had a slim boy's body and a very
neat bubble butt bottom. Surely, I thought to myself, he must be aware of
masturbating by now and also, most likely, of homosexuality.It was just after Andrew's 14th birthday I decided to put the idea into his
mind the possibility of a sexual relationship. I had had a fetish for boys
in their briefs since my own boyhood, and I decided to try to interest
Andrew in a gay magazine I had at home. The magazine - 'Men in Jockstraps
and Briefs' was an American publication featuring photographs of young men
in jockstraps or white briefs. Although not pornographic it was certainly
homo-erotic. As we were clearing up one evening at the hall I whispered to
Andrew I had a special magazine to show him. I told him it was a fashion
magazine dedicated to men's underpants, with lots of interesting
photographs in it. Andrew was intrigued, and after a quick look through
agreed to come to my house the following Saturday afternoon for a longer
look.I couldn't wait for Saturday afternoon to come as I was certain Andrew and
I would be soon wanking together. When he eventually arrived I took him
upstairs to my bedroom where I had laid out on the bed not only the
magazine, but also half a dozen pairs of boys' white briefs. I was hoping
to persuade him to 12yr old lolita videos
try some of these on after we had looked through the
magazine. We looked through it slowly, not once but twice, each time
pointing out to each other the photographs we thought to be the sexiest. I
then showed Andrew the boys' white briefs and asked him to choose his
favourite pair. "It would be good if there were a magazine with pictures of
boys in their underpants" I said, "If you were going to pose for
photographs, which pair would you choose to put on?" In the end he choose a
pair in the traditional Y front style with an elastic waistband, and I told
him he would look very athletic in them. After a bit of banter between us
he agreed to try them on for me, and I thought to myself that sex was about
to begin!He took off his trousers and underpants and I got my first view of his
penis and testicles. I saw he had a nice, average teenager boy's penis with
a long foreskin and testicles that were completely descended. To my
disappointment however I also noticed there were no signs of an erection
whatsoever. He pulled up the white briefs and posed for me for 5 minutes or
so while I pretended to examine the briefs lolita s defloration pics at close range. I have to say
that he looked very desirable - especially the view from the back. Finally,
he looked at his watch and said he must be going. As he took off the white
briefs to put his own back on I noticed again the lack of an erection. Much
to my disappointment we went downstairs, nothing having been achieved. Then
came the bombshell. He turned to me just as he was leaving and said "I've
heard some of the boys at school talk about wanking - will you show me lolita 5 15 bbs how
to do it?" Quite taken aback I muttered it would be better if he asked
another boy how to do it, but I did my best with my fingers to give him a
quick demonstration. "Oh, I see" he said, "ok" and off he went. He left me
with very confused feelings. I was 1% glad that nothing sexual had happened
between us, but at the same time 99% disappointed. I wondered what Andrew
was thinking. He had looked through a gay magazine with me, and he had
posed in white briefs to please me. And what had made him ask me about
wanking?I suppose I would have been about 14 myself when I realised I wanted to
further explore the sexual side of many of my school friends. When we were
12 and 13 we had all shared in the usual schoolboy fumbling - sliding our
hands up the short trousers some boys wore to feel their cocks stiffen
beneath their soft white cotton briefs, or rubbing our cocks together for a
few blissful seconds in the toilets before hurriedly re-fastening our flies
in case we were discovered. Perhaps I had been unlucky, but I never
experienced masturbation to completion with another boy during those
years. Somehow or other when I reached 14 it was not so easy to strike up
sexual friendships with the boys I fancied and boy girl lollipop spice now, almost 20 years down
the line, I desperately wanted to seduce Andrew and fulfil my dreams. What
on earth did he want, I wondered. As it happened, I didn't have to wait too
long to find out.

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